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Viewers and Subscribers

These items give you a rough indication of interest in this topic. The numbers are tracked continually, but only updated on your page whenever a new message is posted.

Views indicates (roughly) the number of times this topic has been viewed on the web. Note that if a single person views the page twice in a row, the number is not incremented.

Unique indicates (roughly) the number of different people that have viewed this topic on the web.

The view numbers often err on the positive side, because if people aren't signed in to QuickTopic while viewing the page, we can only note views based on the web connection (IP address), which can change.

This topic has 236853 recorded non-signed-in readers, so it's likely that the Unique viewers count is higher than the actual number of people viewing the topic.

The Subscribers line tells you how many people have subscribed to get email for posts to this topic, either immediately for each post or as a daily digest.

Together, the viewer and subscriber numbers give you a rough idea of how actively read your topic is.

Of course we don't use this viewing information for anything except presenting you with these numbers, and it's covered by our privacy statement.

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